XL Girls – Jenn Sexylegs Sexy Jenn & The Gardener


Sexy Jenn & The Gardener

Jenn is on the terrace watching Vincent work on the lawn. She’s getting hot and wants action. Jenn calls to him. “Can you do me a favor? Come here.” Vincent gets to Jenn in a flash. She needs help with the stuck zipper of her halter top. How many of us get an invitation like that from a hot girl we don’t know?

When Vincent unzips her and sees her boobs, he tells her that she has beautiful breasts. “Do you want to touch them?” Jenn coyly asks. She’s a tease but she’s serious. Vincent wants to do more than that. He starts licking Jenn’s nipples and that pushes her hot buttons. She’s now his for the taking, the boss of her boobs and the rest of her sexy bod.

Jenn turns around to show Vincent her ass. He buries his face between her cheeks and licks. Jenn turns around and sits with her legs wide open so Vincent can continue his lick-out. Jenn’s eyes close and she tilts her head back, enjoying the head she’s getting.

Vincent stands up. Jenn sees the bulge in his pants, squeezes it and…

Date: May 12, 2024
Actors: Jenn Sexylegs