She Loves Black – Barbie Feels A Secret Deal


A Secret Deal

Sometimes, landing a wealthy husband and having everything is not enough. Barbie Feels receives a call from her husband saying he’ll be away from home because of work. After asking him for his credit card so she can go shopping with her friends, she hangs up and calls you. The tattooed blonde lies about an urgent document that needs signing to lure you into coming over to the house. When you arrive, the naughty babe admits to lying and asks you to do something else for her instead.

You can’t help but notice her seductive figure in her white crop top and snug skirt, highlighting her big tits and firm ass. Barbie is your boss’ wife, so you need to control your raging lust for the hot beauty as you follow her inside the house. In the spacious living room, Barbie opens up about how she’s lonely and that she craves something more physical despite being provided with luxury. The inked lady spreads her legs and exposes her shaved pussy for you to see. The fear of losing your job makes you reluctant, but you eventually give in after her constant reassurance. She helps you pull down your pants and takes your big black cock in her mouth. After the sensual blowjob-handjob combo, Barbie strips off her clothes and shows you her backside. You can’t help but spread those pretty buttcheeks and stare at her juicy holes—a sight that makes your big cock throb. Barbie rides your BBC in reverse cowgirl before getting down to give your massive dick another sensual blowjob-handjob combo. The tattooed hottie makes sure to take your length down her throat. After that, the blonde babe gets on top of you again and rides you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. As the lewd activity goes on, you start craving more, and you don’t even have time to think about the consequences if your boss catches you with his wife. You proceed to pound the naughty siren’s wet pussy in doggystyle and missionary. Nearing your peak, you pull out of Barbie’s hole and let her pump your big black dick until you cum all over her stomach.

Date: October 16, 2023
Actors: Barbie Feels