Modern Day Sins – Katrina Colt Fitness Trainer Fixation


Fitness Trainer Fixation

Jimmy Michaels is going through his first session with his new fitness trainer, Katrina Colt. As much as he tries, however, he just can’t seem to focus. As Katrina does sit-ups and various other exercises, Jimmy imagines her naked with stunning detail. It’s almost like he’s seen her naked before…

Katrina can’t help but notice that Jimmy’s distracted, so she confronts him about it and asks him what’s on his mind. Jimmy’s a bit sheepish as he eventually reveals the reason for his fixation. He’s a member of Katrina’s StrictlyFans page, so he’s seen her nude countless times. He had no idea that she would be his new fitness trainer, only connecting the dots once she arrived today and he saw her in the flesh.

Katrina is bemused by Jimmy’s predicament and definitely wants him to focus so that she can help him reach his fitness goals. That’s when she comes up with an out-of-the-box idea. What if they fooled around a bit? That way they’d both have seen each other naked, which would certainly even the score. Jimmy loves the idea and proceeds to give Katrina an intense and playful fucking, including eating her out from behind as she leans over her exercise ball and facefucking her while doing pushups. After all, just because they’re having fun doesn’t mean they can’t get a workout at the same time…

Date: January 7, 2024
Actors: Katrina Colt