Mixed X – Zazie Skymm, Lia Lin & Barbie Brill Twisted Truth Or Dare


Twisted Truth Or Dare

Once upon a time, there were three teenage girls: Lia, Barbie, and Zazie.Lia Lin and Barbie had been best friends since they were little and did everything together.Zazie, on the other hand, was Barbie Brill’s stepsister.She had always felt left out and didn’t have many friends of her own.But, secretly, she was head-over-heels in love with Barbie.Lia knew about Zazie Skymm’s secret crush and couldn’t help but be curious.She wanted to create awkward moments for the stepsisters, just for fun.Lia thought it would be amusing to see Zazie squirm a little.So she came up with a game to play. Lia proposed the game to Barbie and Zazie.She suggested they play Truth or Dare but with a twist.The group agreed to the game, eager to see what Lia had in mind.

The game went wild when Barbie asked her stepsister to lick her best friend.Zazie, the blond goddess, is willing to make everything for her secret crush and starts to satisfy the young and beautiful Lia’s pussy.The best friends sit next to each other and let Zazie to satisfy them.Heavy pussy licking and foot worship in the garden. Lia and Barbie kiss each other while Zazie worships them.

After a while, they enter the house and have an exciting sex.The girls enjoy kissing and licking each other, special Barbie,who has a privileged position that her best friend and her step-sister are racing for her love. She sits down on the couch and opens her legs,and lets the girls lick her juicy pussy and play with her beautiful feet.There is no jealousy anymore, only pure love, and all of them are enjoying the moment.

Date: June 16, 2023