Caught Fapping – Addison Vodka The Roommate


The Roommate

Tommy Pistol is preparing for a hot date when he walks by his roommate Addison Vodka’s bedroom on the way to their shared bathroom. But her door is open a crack and Tommy’s stunned as he sees that she’s having an R-rated date of her own with her long-distance partner over a video chat!

Although he knows he shouldn’t watch, Tommy can’t help but stare as Addison masturbates on camera. Eventually, he snaps out of it and tries to close the door to give her privacy but it’s so creaky that he’s immediately busted.

Addison calls Tommy into the room and outs him for spying on her. Although Tommy is apologetic and wants to give Addison some alone time, Addison is all hot and bothered. That’s when she cheekily decides that, hey, since she never got to finish her date and Tommy’s is not until later, why don’t they have a bit of fun?? Tommy, not believing his luck, doesn’t need to be asked twice!

Date: July 8, 2024
Actors: Addison Vodka