Adult Time – Gizelle Blanco Two-Story Two-Timer


Two-Story Two-Timer

Gizelle Blanco steps into her apartment elevator but is startled when she sees both Codey Steele and Isiah Maxwell already in it. Although both men smile charmingly at her, Gizelle has to play it cool because she has a secret: she’s dating BOTH of them right under their noses and is a sex-obsessed two-timer!

Isiah gets off the elevator first and Codey is worried about the cold shoulder Gizelle’s giving him. She lies to him to keep him happy and oblivious, distracting him by letting him get a taste of her pussy. But it’s not long before they quickly have to stop as Isiah gets back on the elevator while Codey steps out, though Isiah’s suspicious about Gizelle’s disheveled and awkward behavior. But then it’s HIS turn to have a little fun with Gizelle as she tries to appease him.

It becomes a game to Gizelle as she jumps back and forth between her two lovers as she rides the elevator, although she’s soon finally caught. Both Codey and Isiah are shocked and heartbroken as they confront her about two-timing them. But instead of getting mad at each other, the lovers decide to team up against Gizelle right then and there in the elevator, giving her all the dick this naughty nympho can handle!

Date: October 15, 2023
Actors: Gizelle Blanco